Becoming a Family of Travelers – Guest post by Carole-Ann Gordon

Our trip began with expectations of sharing our lives as a community as we tour Israel for 10 days together. 

After traveling from JFK to Tel Aviv in two groups, we joyfully met up at Abdu Hadayag (a fish restaurant in Old Yoffo) for a delicious dinner that became a ‘family reunion.’ Over a multi-course feast, we each regaled the others with our flight adventures. 

Being all together for the first time generated the warmth of a traveling family, not a tour group. 

Sharon greeted us with joy and arranged a perfect get-together: we ate, laughed, met Ofer (our tour guide) and enjoyed ourselves. 
We ended our first outing with sighs of contentment, joy and excitement for the days to follow.
First grounding feeling about being a Jew in Israel: a sweet breath of wholeness upon seeing a mezuzah on the doorpost of each hotel room. 
Sharon’s comment: Bruchim Ha’ba’im! Welcome home!

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  1. I was sent here by the Coffee Shop Rabbi’s blog and look forward to reading your adventures in Israel!

    What was that (food) on the table with the big teeth!

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