Torah and T’filah in the Garden (Aug., 2015, 2016)

Temple Isaiah’s weekly Shabbat morning Torah study moves to Rabbi Sobel’s serene garden.

Every morning during the warmer months, I drink my morning coffee and eat breakfast in my garden. It’s a beautiful setting for contemplation, reflection and meditation.

During the summer, my congregation hosts one of our regular Shabbat morning “Torah and T’filah” sessions in my garden so everyone can experience the spiritual nature of this beautiful and serene space.

Torah & T’filah in the Garden

2 thoughts on “Torah and T’filah in the Garden (Aug., 2015, 2016)”

  1. Rabbí Sharon, It was so wonderful. Your outdoor space is magical, serene, and very relaxing. It was a perfect place to learn, question and be inspired by Judaism. Torah and T’flila in your garden truly embodies the essence of Shabbat peace. I hope you will consider doing it again.

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