Home-made Chocolate Peanut-Butter Balls (aka “Homemade Reeses”)

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Over 27 years ago, I attended the ordination party of my friend and colleague Rabbi Paula Winnig. Before they became popular, her mom was already making these "to-die for" home-made chocolate peanut-butter balls. I had to have the recipe. She wrote it on the back of the ordination program for me. Somewhere I still have that handwritten recipe. Everyone LOVES these! My cousin will call and ask: "Can you please make just 4 for me?" (Because she's afraid she doesn't have the willpower to refrain from eating the entire batch). It's a fun recipe to make with young children: lots of squooshing and mooshing of ingredients together. I have adapted the original recipe a bit. I recommend making them at least one day in advance (everything needs time to "meld together" for optimum taste). They freeze beautifully and also taste great frozen.